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Chickens add something to a home

Ever thought of keeping a few chickens in your garden? If you haven't - you're missing out. Chickens are suitable for most gardens however large or small.

Observing these endearing little pets offers hours of pleasure and fun each day with the added bonus of a fresh breakfast egg. Eggs from the shops taste bland and insipid compared to your own superfresh eggs. Treat your garden girls right and they really are the gift that keeps on giving.

Hedgerow Henporium concentrate on the supply of hybrid chickens bred especially for your garden. We can provide 18+ week point-of-lay chickens, little chicks for you to nurture or hatching eggs if you want to experience the magic miracle of the birth. School and nursery hatching kits available for hire also. See our hatching eggs page for details. We also have limited availability of some pure breeds and can even hatch to order for you.

Whatever your desire we can give you all the after sale support you need. If you are new to chickens we run regular, friendly courses to give you all the confidence and head start you need.

Why not give it a try and join the fastest growing hobby in the UK today!
Julie and Keith
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Reasons to buy your chickens from a reputable breeder - see below .........
(1) You know you are dealing with a expert professional who puts poultry health and welfare before profit.
(2) Free after sales support and advice.
(3) It's guaranteed that your poultry will not be disease-ridden.
(4) If you are thinking of buying a "pure breed" chicken e.g Buff Orpington, make sure it IS what the breeder tells you. Check the "standard" from the poultry club of Great Britain regarding comb type, leg colour etc. before you look for your hens. Don't forget to get a receipt and some document guaranteeing that it will be replaced free if it turns out to be fake.
 (10) Your purchase will represent value for money. If you buy cheap you get rubbish. If the deal seems too good to be true - it probably is! There are a lot of so-called suppliers on the Internet who buy sub-standard poultry at auctions and try to pass them on to you for a quick profit. You'll never hear from them again.
(11) Check out your potential supplier by asking them for testimonials and contact details of previous customers. Check the Internet for bad reviews.
(5) Chickens especially are social creatures. Reputable breeders will rarely sell you a single hen unless they know it is to be a companion to another lonely hen.
(7) Never buy chickens unseen. Inspect them thoroughly before purchase. Don't be afraid to say NO. Dont buy a bird with sniffles, as chickens with respiratory problems are never going to be healthy.
(6) If you want to buy a young hen and it turns out to be a cockerel, make sure your supplier will replace free of charge or give you a refund and take the bird back.
(8) Never collect the birds from a third party. Always insist on meeting the breeder. Don't meet in dubious locations. Always collect direct from where the breeder has their stock.
(9) Don't consider buying poultry from a "car boot style" sale. They are bringing together birds from many different areas and any disease may have been transmitted to all.
(12) Chickens take a lot of time and effort to raise from a chick. Anyone who sells their chickens cheap has cut corners. You will rarely get a quality bird for less than 15. Any less than this and they will have been raised by the thousands in warehouse style conditions
Field of grass
We have young chickens/chicks available now in most breeds. Call or email for details
Reasons to buy your chickens from a reputable poultry breeder:
Have you ever thought of hatching your own chickens? At school, at home, anywhere! Now's your chance without having to buy all that expensive equipment. Only 99 plus deposit
Salmon Faverolles, La Fleche, Copper Black, Copper Blue and Wheaten Marans. Genuine Muirfield Black and Brown Rocks also now available
We are proud to announce that we are now the official and only agent in this part of the uk for Black Rock chickens from Muirfield Hatchery:
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New for 2017
Your Chicken "Starter Kit"
*Almost everything you need to keep your own garden chickens... including Chickens.
* Does not include Coop

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