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The History of Hedgerow Henporium

Queenie the ex-battery hen
It was a warm, sunny day in June 2008. It started much like many other Sundays with no inkling that something dramatic was about to happen. But happen it did, for this was the day that we volunteered to babysit a friends chickens whilst they went on holiday.

To cut a long story short, this was the day - although we didn't realise it at the time - that we "caught the bug". Less that 4 months later we had rescued some ex-battery chickens destined for the "knackers yard", said goodbye to our pristine lawn and became fully fledged garden chicken keepers. Ahhh, life would never be the same again .......

By the way, let us introduce ourselves before we go any further. We are Julie and Keith and we run Hedgerow Henporium in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, UK. But what is Hedgerow Henporium we hear you say?

After we "caught the bug" it didn't take us long to amass some more chickens, (and Silver Appleyard and Dark Campbell ducks) acquire some more equipment, convert part of our garden to a proper home for chickens and ducks and fill ourselves with five years experience and knowledge in chicken and duck keeping - and we love it. We can't imagine what life would be without hens, really fresh eggs and everything that goes with it.

Be warned, it's very easy to catch the bug that I previously mentioned. Even Julie's sister and husband - and for that matter the mother-in-law - succumbed and started Heswall Hills Henporium selling rare breed chickens.

We however are concentrating on hybrid chickens as you can get more eggs without sacrificing the personality and beauty than you can get in the pure breeds. Our hybrids come in loads of stunning colours so a real win-win situation. Revelation! Hybrids are not just brown.

You can perhaps tell that we are somewhat enthusiastic about everything to do with chickens. It was this self realisation that led us to set up Hedgerow Henporium. We wanted to share our knowledge and encourage others to experience the joy of garden chicken keeping. Hence our website.

We are not like other breeders. We don't breed masses of birds so we know all our girls individually and take time to give them loads of attention. We are passionate about the care and love we give to each of them. Each beautiful hen is handled regularly to ensure they are friendly and confident.

Please recommend us to all your friends.
Julie and Keith
About Us:
Email: chickens@hedgerowhenporium.co.uk
Tel: 01244 646026
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