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Email: chickens@hedgerowhenporium.co.uk
Tel: 01244 646026
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"Educational, Fun and Soooo Cute - what's not to love"
Email: chickens@hedgerowhenporium.co.uk
Tel: 01244 646026
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Hatch your own eggs - or brood your own chicks - hire plans

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The hire of a fully automatic incubator package complete with hatching eggs, chick brooder, heat source, feed, bedding and everything necessary for your chicks health and welfare.

The cost for this package is 99 plus a deposit of 100 (refundable on safe and undamaged return of all equipment)

The only thing you need to add is the excitement.

Package 1: Incubator
Package 2: Brooder
The hire of a brooder, heat source and all the bits and bobs you need to keep your chicks healthy and happy while they stay with you. It comes complete with 6 ready hatched unsexed chicks. We need 3 weeks notice for this as chicks take 21 days to hatch.

The cost for this package is 55 plus a deposit of 75 (refundable on safe and undamaged return of all equipment)

If you have hatched your own eggs, we have a basic non-chick version of this brooder package also. It contains brooder, heat source, feeder and drinker for 10 per week plus deposit. Ask for details.

You can hire the chicks for up to 2 weeks, (or longer by arrangement for an additional small fee). At the end when you no longer want or need them we can collect them to be rehomed with loving families. Alternatively you can keep any or all chicks yourselves by paying 5 per chick (which will be taken out of your deposit) and raise them as your own. Be aware that with every hatch there will be a 50/50 chance of males. We can sex them at 3 weeks old to help you avoid the unwanted boys which we rehome.

Both these packages give you all of the educational value with none of the responsibility following the hatch.

We will need 3 weeks notice for the ready hatched brooder option (2). We operate a booking system as the incubator supply is limited. Please book early to guarantee your package.

We will deliver and set up the incubator/brooder ready for you so all you need to do is sit back and watch nature take its course.

It all comes with a fully comprehensive set of care notes and hatching instructions and our full support for the duration.

For distances over and above 15 miles from CH66 4RB we will reluctantly need to charge a mileage allowance of 45p per additional mile.

Terms and Conditions apply. Please contact us for further details.
Telephone Julie or Keith on 01244 646026.
If you leave a message we'll get back to you as soon as possible.
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Hatching chicks for education and pure enjoyment in any environment is so rewarding. Witnessing the miracle of a common or garden egg transform into a fluffy chick in as little as 21 days is something we recommend anybody to try. It's easy to do with our packages and our full support along the way. You can do it at home, care home, school or nursery the choice is entirely yours.

You can keep ANY or ALL of the chicks at the end or simply RETURN them to us for rehoming with loving families. You don't need to end up with boys you don't want - this means it is worry free!

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